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Dragon Quest

Dragon Tales
For longer events, we offer our spectacular interactive play, "Dragon Quest".
Our trusty hero, Jester Moment, needs five companions to help him on a quest to find the last dragons in the land! Good Queen Gaia has ordered a Royal Expedition to search for the dragons in her kingdom and ensure their protection. Kids of all ages will find a role in this magical journey.
Will our trusty knight defeat bad Baron Brasstoff?
Will our young magician master the wizard's spells?
Or will it be the princess who helps to win the day?
Indeed, perhaps we will only succeed with a little help from everyone....
This highly interactive piece of theatre is guaranteed to delight the whole audience. Laughter, riddles, thrills and magic moments join together to make "Dragon Quest" a whole bundle of fun!

This play has been created and is performed in collaboration with Neil Pinnock, who is a professional teacher of drama and dance in schools. The play runs for 35 – 40 minutes and requires a small stage area and some seating. We have performed to great acclaim at, amongst others, Lulworth Castle's Easter season. The play works well with our other dragon activities to create a full entertainment package, suitable for a dragon-themed long weekend, half-term or holiday residency.

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