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Dragon Procession

Come on an adventure with the Dragon Procession! Our magnificent red and gold dragon guarantees hands-on fun for kids, teens and adults too as he weaves his way round your event, accompanied by the Dragon Lord and Lady. There's plenty of fun for the little ones as well, following the dragon on his travels with our colourful dragon flags. Will he cause havoc in the castle? Will he chase his own tail? Will he eat all the ice cream? And whatever will happen when he makes his latest attempt on the World Dragon Land Speed Record?!
Dragon Procession
Alchemy Dragon Procession


Sometimes our dragon is challenged by the splendid Sir Bouncalot, mischievous knight on stilts! Is he dragon friend or foe? What adventures will they find together? Sir Bouncalot is presented by the sure-footed Neil Pinnock. Alternatively the procession maybe assisted by the lively Squire Laya and her band of trusty young knights.




The Dragon Procession will normally require a fixed location and a slot on your timetable. It takes about 10 minutes to "dress" the dragon and 15 - 25 minutes to go on an adventure around the event. However, the dragon is also happy to be filled with nine young people or adults and take to the road as part of a bigger procession or parade.
Dragon Procession