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Baby Dragons
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Baby Dragons

We would love you to meet our beautiful baby dragons. We have several of these delightful creatures, all carefully hatched from their eggs at a small dragon sanctuary in the Welsh Marches. All our dragons are members of the species Draco Occidentalis, the European Dragon, easily recognisable by its familiar shape, graceful movement and enthusiastic love of sausages. Gently handled from hatching, they are friendly to humans and well mannered, although a dragon is never entirely predictable....
Baby Dragons
Ice Dragon, Freya

New to our clan is a splendid Ice Dragon, Freya, whose misty dragon breath will delight young and old alike! She's happy to wander amongst the crowd in winter of course, but she also delights in gently cooling the kids on a warm summer day. You'll love our very rare and special pedigree Red Welsh Dragon, Dewi, who is certain to delight the crowds on both sides of the border, and you may also encounter our cuddly little Golden Dragon, Phoebe Goldenscales or cheeky young Spark. Take a wander around the event and you are sure to see them. Make friends with them and you are sure to be thrilled. And remember, if St.George had known about tickling under the chin, it would have been a very different story!


Baby Dragons - meet and greet
Our Dragon Walkabout can be free flowing through the crowd or located as a " meet and greet" where people arrive at the event. It is hands-on and close up, working well either on its own or concurrently with other events on your timetable. We can offer two or three dragon handlers on walkabout, usually in sessions of 30, 45 or 60 minutes.
Meet the Alchemy Baby Dragons